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Speaking exercises detecting voice only some of the time

I've just plugged in a microphone to practice speaking, but trying to complete the speaking exercises is a real bother! D=

Occasionally it works flawlessly but most of the time I press the button, say the sentence, press Stop and then... it reverts back to the microphone symbol as if I'd never pressed it. No loading, no error messages.

I've played around with the Flash microphone settings and my computer's microphone settings and it makes no difference. The microphone works in every other program I've tried.

I'm using Waterfox 30.0 (Adblock Plus turned off), Adobe Flash (most recent), Windows 8.1 and a Singstar USB Microphone (possible issue since it doesn't run through the headphone jack but is still detected as a microphone??)

I'd greatly appreciate any help. =D

August 14, 2014



You can turn it off in settings, but I 'm sure the DuoTeam wants to know about these problems. :)


I kinda don't want to have to turn it off; the whole point of plugging in the microphone was for Duolingo! =D


Just saying, if you do end up turning off your mic, it's a really good idea to keep saying everything out loud. I've found that it helps accelerate speaking ability. :)


I had the same problem working with Mac OS and Safari. Sometimes it works flawless and others it cuts off the words. It would be nice if system allowed you to repeat the sentence if it was not captured correctly.

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