"A bheil cabhag oirre?"

Translation:Is she in a hurry?

August 13, 2020

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Oirre and orra have been pronounced the same in this lesson, how can you tell the difference between them without any context?


You can't, but pronouns are basically only used when there is context. If there is need to disambiguate because you have both "they" and "she" in use, as it were, in the conversation, you can add emphatic suffixes which are different for the two: orra-san vs. oirre-se. E.g. tha cabhag orra-san, ach chan eil cabhag oirre-se idir "they are in a hurry, but she isn't in a hurry at all".


Fair enough, but when it's a "type what you hear" question, I have to guess which one is being used, making it a 50/50 chance whether I pass or fail the question...


Ah sorry, I thought you were asking in general, outside of Duolingo. I suppose both answers should be accepted in that case, but I have no idea whether that can even be implemented with the way Duolingo itself works without messing up the translation exercises... I'm sorry I can't help you further, but best of luck practicing! (even if it is frustrating at times)


Thanks for the reply and apologies for taking my frustration out on you! If it is a limitation of Duolingo then it's hardly a big thing in the grand scheme of things.


As a first language vintage Gaelic speaker 'orra' has a more pronounced 'rr' as in a 'grr' sound but the difference is hardly discernible in this context.


Pro tip for everyone, write oirra when you cant distinguish between oirre and orra. Yes it teaches you wrong but you will be marked correct for it as it just thinks you're making a spelling mistake. Removes the frustration a bit but it is appalling that a language learning app is teaching you to spell things wrong instead of just updating the course.


Is cabhag masculine or feminine?

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