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  5. "Such useful things."

"Such useful things."

Translation:Wat een handige dingen.

August 14, 2014



For TheDeeplyBroken and other users who are wondering about the use of "wat een" in this context: Yes, it's a fixed phrase

Some useful(!) examples:
Wat een handige dingen. = Such useful things.
Wat een mooie bloemen. = Such beautiful flowers.

  • However, with a singular noun:
    Wat een handig ding. = Such a useful thing.
    Wat een mooie bloem. = Such a beautiful flower. / What a beautiful flower.

  • With a noun, without adjective:
    Wat een kracht. = Such power.
    Wat een leven. = What a life.

  • With an adjective, without noun:
    Wat handig. = How useful.
    Wat lief. = How sweet.


Wat 'een' handige dingen, really? Why the singular article?


I think if you don't put an 'een' you are actually asking how 'handige' it is.


Is there anything wrong with "Zo'n handige dingen"?


You only use "zo'n" with something singular. The plural (which is also a good translation for "such useful things" would be 'zulke handige dingen'.


If "dingen" is plural, how come they use "een" with it?


i wrote: zulke handige dingtjes......help?


'Dingetjes' is the diminutive: "small things". 'Zulke handige dingen' would be a correct translation.


Since "dingen" is in the plural, why is "een" used in this case? Is "wat een" a fixed phrase?


Yes. You can compare it to English "what a..." as in "what a big horse". I'm not 100% sure if you can say "what a big horses" in English, but in Dutch you can use "wat een..." with a plural too.


vam1980, you're right:
"What a big horses!" NO
"Such big horses!" YES :-)


Do I have to always use "een" with what? Is it because we are talking about some kind of object, in this case "dingen"? I ask this because I have heard people say stuff like "Wat lief!" Or "Wat schattig!" Or something similar. Is that correct grammatically or is that more colloquial without the "een"?

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