"He pays for the hotel."

Translation:Ele paga pelo hotel.

May 18, 2013

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how about "ele paga para o hotel"?


Yup, that also works...


I wrote the same and got it wrong :(


I've just checked 2 verb dictionaries (from the most respected authors, Francisco Fernandes and the other is Celso Luft). They say the verb "pagar" is mainly transitive. So you would say "someone pays something" [I payed the bill // Eu paguei a conta]. It can also be transitive direct and indirect "someone pays something for someone else". It is less used, but still ok, the transitive indirect form "Ele paga pelo hotel" --> means that he is paying FOR his stay. But if you say "Ele paga para o hotel (...)" --> this sentence requires an object {he pays (to) the hotel + for something} Eg. "He pays (TO) the hotel FOR the damage he caused." I hope I could help! :)


"eu paguei pelo hotel" may also mean you bought it, that is, you bought the building and the whole stuff. When we have a context "ele paga para o hotel" works all right by itself. And thanks for your insight =)


You're welcome! I hope you guys help me out with French and German a bit :D


That's it.

  • Pagar pelo hotel = Pay for the hotel/stay.
  • Pagar para o hotel = Pay to the hotel (for something)

[deactivated user]

    i don't think 'pay to' is correct. Did you otherwise mean "pay the hotel for something"?


    Can anyone explain when are the words 'pro' and 'pra' used? You can find them especially in brazilian songs: ''Deixa eu dançar pro meu corpo ficar odara'' - Caetano Veloso; or else ''Brasil!... Brasil!... Prá mim!''. Thanks


    Pra = short for "para a" / pro = short for "para o"

    They are used a lot in conversations and informal writings, including lyrics, but you should avoid them in formal texts.


    Thank you

    I guess they are like 'ain't' or ''cos' (short for because) in English


    There's no 'cos. There's 'cause and a fully informal 'textspeak' version cuz or abbreviation bc ;)


    Ele paga o hotel? Should be translated as "he is paying the hotel"


    Or "he pays the hotel"

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