"Su cosa scrivi?"

Translation:What do you write on?

May 18, 2013

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When is "su" used as in "What do you write ON" and when as in "They write about her" (Loro scrivono SU di lei). Has it something to do with the "di"?


Yeah, in "Loro scrivno su di lei" su and di means about, so by that explanation it could've translated to "About what are you writing?" And now, when I hovered on "su" it says on ...


"on what do you write"


it is right to say: "about what do you write?"


I don't think so. The question is asking what (material) are you using to write on. Yours is asking what a person is writing about.


My tame Italian insists this is a question about which surface you write on, not, the subject being written about, even if dl accepts 'what do you write about'.


How do we know whether the sentence refers to the subject of the writing, the paper or the desk? Does not seem to make sense in either language.

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