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  5. "Cò mheud? Naoi deug?"

" mheud? Naoi deug?"

Translation:How many? Nineteen?

August 15, 2020



I thought that "Cò mheud?" was being replaced with the modern form "Cia mheud?"

I was marked wrong for using it!! Can this please be sorted out.


Are you sure you didn’t make any other mistake? Or maybe it was a listening exercise (you’re supposed to write exactly what the speaker says in those, not any alternative sentence)?

Also – I don’t think I’d call cia mheud the ‘modern’ form – they’re just both used in parallel (and I’d argue cia mheud is actually the more conservative one).


Just about to ask if cò and cia were interchangeable in this situation. Thanks for the answer.


Great. I was actually able to hear Cò clearly. Usually impossible to differentiate with Cia

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