"an fheòrag agus an nathair"

Translation:the squirrel and the snake

August 15, 2020

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surely am fheòrag (b,f,m,p rule)?


Note that fheòrag does not start with /f/ – it starts with a vowel! It is /oːraɡ/.

You would eg. say ann am feòrag /auNəm fjɔ:rag/ for in a squirrel (but that’s a rather weird thing to say), but when the "f" gets lenited there’s no longer a reason for an to assimilate to am, so you use an fheòrag /ən´ɔːraɡ/ the squirrel.

Similarly it’s always a’, and not am, before lenited bh, ph, mh (eg. a’ mhàthair the mother, not *am mhàthair).

Note that it’s similar to indefinite article a/an in English: you put a before consonants (a city, a hill) and an before vowels (an airplane) – but that only depends on pronunciation, not on spelling, so you write an honour, an hour, etc. even though there is h written at the beginning.


Leann ann am feòrag. Tha e a' coimhead sgreamhail. Ach bidh cuimhne agam air bhon dràsta fhèin!



Omg, cha robh dùil agam ris an fhreagairt seo… B’ fheàrr leam nach fhaca mi riamh e.


Tha mi duilich :-D

Tha e a' coimhead cho uabhasach ri guga.


No, because feòrag is a feminine noun.


Tapadh leibh. I'm sure I'll get it eventually!


figured that out because someone said female nouns had an + lenition when starting with F and male had am! so proud :3

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