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"Bidh mi a' sgitheadh a-màireach."

Translation:I will be skiing tomorrow.

August 15, 2020



Why is "I will ski tomorrow" marked wrong?


Because in Gaelic bidh mi a' X (where X is a verbal noun) corresponds to English I will be X-ing – it is a statement about a continuing actions that will be happening.

Acc. to Colin Mark’s and Angus Watson’s dictionaries to ski is sgithich, then I will ski would be sgithichidh mi. But since this doesn’t seem to be googlable (at least not in the meaning of skiing), I am not sure if it’s something that’s actually used in living speech.

See also Éiridh e is ceannaidh e? or the Future tense on Akerbeltz.

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If that were the case, 'I am skiing tomorrow' should be accepted, and it isn't.


I semi understand why “I am skiing tomorrow ” gets marked wrong but it seems like the correct version of the future tense.


I would agree that "I am skiing tomorrow" is a fair translation of the Gaelic; this is a valid way to say "I will be skiing tomorrow" ann am Beurla.


Yes, but we just repeat stupidly! Why a progressive form here and not in all the previous examples. None of the comments has helped.


I wrote this: Bidh mi a ’sgitheadh ​​a-màireach and it was marked incorrect.


But bidh mi a' deanamh was NOT translated as I will be making... that's why we need a clear explanation.

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