I am enjoying the Dutch lessons so far--I just began yesterday and thought that specific speaking directions would appear at some point, (i.e. "repeat"), as is the case with Rosetta Stone. (For those not familiar Rosetta Stone, the program feels very similar in some of its exercises to DuoLingo so far, but it heavily emphasizes speaking and repeating and because you can use headphones/mic it can "grade" your pronunciation.)

My questions are: does DuoLingo incorporate speech specifically in certain exercises? Or should I just be repeating what I hear?

If the latter, what is the recommended way to maximize learning to pronounce and speak?

I am very good at picking up enough vocabulary and structure to read my way through many languages, but I am always very uncomfortable speaking. So I am really eager to feel much more comfortable learning to speak along the way!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


4 years ago


In regards to speaking Dutch, the other day there was a similar question to this and I responded with a lengthy response with tips (as a learner myself of Dutch):

I do recommend you to repeat the sentences you come across out loud on Duolingo, even without the microphone lessons prompting you. I know the moderator Usagiboy7 does this with Spanish and recommends it highly on here.

4 years ago

Dear JaneEmily, thanks so much! All of your suggestions are really helpful. I've got Dutch radio on right now as I do some other (mindless, boring!) tasks! Thanks!

4 years ago

You are immensely welcome :)

4 years ago
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