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"Non so perché ma mi sto sentendo meglio."

Translation:I do not know why but I am feeling better.

August 14, 2014



why not hearing better?


It is because of mi. It shows that this is a reflexive verb (sentirsi), which means "to feel somehow".


thanks for your help on both questions


The pronunciation of the word "ma" seems like "non"


I think their answer is exactly what I have written...twice! Yet I keep getting it wrong because I CANNOT MOVE THE RED CORRECTION SCREEN to see my original sentence! I've been asking almost daily for over 6 months that they make their screens moveable again. But no.
PLEASE, Duo!!!!!!


I wrote "I don't know why but I feel better" but it was not accepted. Seems it has the same meaning in English as I am feeling better.

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