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Translate French articles without adding the skill tree? :O

I've been learning French for years, so my French is quite good, that means i won't waste time to start all over again from greeting phrases. And It's unpleasant (at least for me...) to have a language tree that remains always level 1 and will never grow up. So I have an idea, we can add native (or fluent) languages options in the settings, this would allow you to translate articles in your native languages in the IMMERSION section without adding a new tree and would also help other learners to find their right language partners (maybe make a tiny icon besides the profile picture to show off). And forgot to mention: my mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese, I just can't wait to see the launch of the Chinese skill tree! XD

May 18, 2013



The French tree has several keyhole ikons to allow you to pass a short test and enter at a higher level if you wish.


Well... Thanks! It seems to be the only solution right now. But I still think the native language options need to be added. ˊ_>ˋ

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