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"Your father's younger sister's child is beautiful!"

Translation:Aōha ñābranna gevie issa!

August 16, 2020



I thought "ñabranna" just meant "cousin". I get that your father's younger sister's child would be your cousin, but is all of that actually expressed by "ñābranna"?


Yes. High Valyrian has several different words for cousin: "iāpanna" (mother's older brother's child), "qȳbranna" (mother's younger brother's child), "velmanna" (father's older sister's child), "ñābranna" (father's younger sister's child), "dubāzma" (child of father's sister or mother's brother, cross cousin), "dubys" (sibling/parallel cousin), "lēkia" (older brother, older male parallel cousin), "valonqar" (younger brother, younger male parallel cousin), "mandia" (older sister, older female parallel cousin) and finally "hāedar" (younger sister, younger female parallel cousin).

High Valyrian was modelled after languages that actually use such a relationship system, so it's not as if it's unique in being this complex.


David Peterson once posted a chart on Twitter which illustrates the family relationships.

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