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  5. "Tha am biadh ro fhuar."

"Tha am biadh ro fhuar."

Translation:The food is too cold.

August 16, 2020



Which word causes the "fuar" to become lenited in this sentence? I presume it is "biadh" (it surely can't be "ro"). Regardless, I still don't know why lenition is performed here.


(it surely can't be "ro").

What makes you write that? It indeed is ro – it lenites the following adjective.

It couldn’t be biadh because of two reasons:

  1. the adjective here is predicative, it complements the verb tha, not the word biadh (what the food is like? it is too cold; there’s no too cold food as a single constituent, a single unit, in the sentence).
  2. even if it were an attributing adjectives – as a part of single biadh fuar cold food phrase (eg. tha biadh fuar air a’ bhòrd there is cold food on the table; or cha toil leam biadh fuar I do not like cold food) – it still would not lenite the adjective, because biadh is a masculine noun, and those don’t lenite the adjectives in nominative-accusative.
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