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  5. Why did I level up twice?


Why did I level up twice?

So, a few minutes ago I leveled up to level 15 twice, see photo: http://imgur.com/EutpKOy A user told me that I probably upvoted a translation, removed it, then upvoted it again, but I did not do that. What exactly happened? Has anybody else ever had this happen?

August 14, 2014



You should move this post to troubleshooting.


About a month ago, I reached level 18 in French, almost entirely on the French for English speakers course. Then I did a lesson in French for German speakers, and it announced that I had reached level 18 and gave me 18 lingots. Which was pretty strange. I've decided that maybe Immersion XPs don't transfer or something. Did you get your 15 lingots twice, by the way? Also, you seem to be level 18 now, so I'm not sure how that's happened.


Ok. NO, I only got 15 lingots once. And I'm on level 18 now because I leveled up some more after I posted this earlier. :)


Ok, I've just been snoopy, and WOW you've done a lot. Good job.


No its ok:) and thanks!


That's weird....no clue.

[deactivated user]

    well, it probably was a glitch


    yeah that's what we thought :)

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