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When will we have Dutch immersion/ Will we have dutch immersion?

I was just curious to see if we will have immersion for dutch and if so, when do you think it will become available. Thanks!

August 14, 2014



Not sure. My best guess is once the course leaves beta.


AlexisLinguist, when are you going to start the German tree?


I doubt that I will. Dutch will most likely be my first and last Germanic language. I'll probably try out others, but Dutch will be the only tree I finish.


That's where you're wrong, Alexis. English is a Germanic language. ;) Dutch might be your last, but it most certainly can't be your first.

Sorry, I just watched some Leverage and I love talking all 'Now, that's where you are wrong....whips out computer chip.....


You're right, azureskye, English is Germanic, and it's Alexis' first and native language. What Alexis means that Dutch is the first and last Germanic language she will study (and the only Duolingo tree she'll finish from English) for quite some time, but I guess she forgot to mention that in her post (and I can see the slight confusion there).


I know what Alexis meant, I was just kidding around. :P


Now, you don't think I'm ignorant, do you? ;) You knew what I mean, no reason to state it. :P


Well in all fairness, we can thank the Norman Conquest for making English a half-German half-French mess.

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