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Multiple X -> English courses, buggy

I currently use Nederlands -> Engels.

I am trying to add Español -> Inglés and Deutsch -> Englisch.

  • I was able to test out of some of the German tree, but this could only be done after the Basic-1 courses had been completed one at a time.
  • The Spanish tree does not let me advance by testing out.
  • Also, a challenge failure in one course affects all the courses.
  • I want to reset or delete Inglés without resetting Engels. It does not appear to be possible to do this.

Here is a picture of the Español -> Inglés page. Note that the tree says I have no lessons done. But I'm at level 25 according to the status.

Spanish -> English

This is what my delete/reset page looks like in Deutsch -> Englisch (the English level 25 medallion belongs to my Nederlands -> Engels course).


August 14, 2014



I have noticed this too with my courses. I have done a few courses (French to English, Ukrainian to English, Dutch to English) yet, it doesn't reset the XP earned for one for the others. I reset the entire Dutch course (the one I started first) and moved onto French to English yet it still showed me at the level I was at in the other course even though I had never even touched the French course yet. This is really frustrating, and does impact your achievements if it's saying that everything is one course you kind of lose track of what you're really slacking in and what you're going all in for.


Don't delete the courses

I already tried that out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2851128


Thank you for your post. It shows another kind of unexpected result when taking English courses from multiple languages.


It's basically the opposite, when you delete them :) one could say that EXPs are basically meaningless, and it is strange how the courses are linked. The language streaks are preserved, but the golden trees decline independently.

Seems like learning sibling courses was never intended :D

[deactivated user]

    maybe you had a challenge failure and it affected all your courses so you had to start at the beginning but it still remembered your level


    It sees all my progress as one course instead of three. I don't want that.

    The problem is that I want the progress on the three courses to be treated as three different courses, and not as though they are the same course.

    The 2900 XP that it says I got today in Spanish were not won in Spanish but in German -> English.

    The 31000 XP that it says I have in Spanish were never won in Spanish, but in Dutch -> English.

    The English course that it offers me to delete from my German profile is not my German -> English course but my Dutch -> English course.

    (And most confusing, the French course that it offers to delete from my German profile is not German -> French but English -> French.)

    [deactivated user]

      maybe it had a GLITCH

      [deactivated user]

        so when you click the basic skills button there is a test out button with a keyhole on the right side? did you click that. also what did the Basics 1 page look like? after you clicked on Basic 1.


        I am permitted to take the tests, but my results do not count. However, I can take one lesson at a time and this will count.

        [deactivated user]


          [deactivated user]

            for the level thing were you doing immersion also?


            Yes, with the help of patient friends I've been translating into Dutch. I intend to do that with Spanish, next. None of that level 25 is owing to any course other than Nederlands - > Engels. It shows that way in courses where it has not been earned.


            You do realize that Course A → English are all the same. Think of it this way, if you were using Rosetta stone, how many courses would you be able to take?

            Whether you do it from Dutch, Spanish, Russian you're still learning English. Even if you want it to be separate it isn't. Duolingo can not properly measure your progress if it separates them, that's just reality.

            More importantly, changing courses has always been glitchy, and you're exacerbating the problem by changing so many times. Until Duolingo fixes this, your best bet is a hard reset (Ctrl + F5).


            As you say, I do realize that Duolingo treats the different courses as though they were the same course.

            I do not like it.

            They are different language pairs. They are not the same course. They only have the same target language.

            To complete the course requires knowledge of both languages. English is English, but Russian is not German or Spanish or Dutch. I would not be able to complete the tree for one, just because I've completed the tree for another. For example, I would not even easily be able to start, much less complete, the Russian-English tree, because I do not even know the Russian alphabet. Besides, the vocabulary and sentences in the Deutsch/Englisch course are not identical to English/German.

            I do not agree that Duolingo would be unable to properly measure my success if a course that I have taken is distinguished from a course that I have never started.

            Moreover, Duolingo does not agree with you, as you can see from the way that Immersion progress is handled.

            Each course has a separate immersion section for the very sensible reason that each one has a different language pair. Success in each immersion section is tracked separately, for the same sensible reason. However, the tree, XP tracking and deletion structure for each course is not sensible.

            Switching languages is something we do every day, many times every day, and I do not experience any problems because of that. Your recommendation to reload the page is applicable to a different topic.


            Immersion is a separate thing, it is much more effective to translate to your L1. But regardless of what you believe, the fact is that these courses are designed for L1 speakers learning the L2. Some of us simply choose to use it in a way it was not designed, proof :


            As you can see it clearly states, " Eu quero aprender Inglês ( Eu sei portugues)", "I want to learn English, I know Portuguese". That is as clear as it is going to get. That's why the interface is far more permissive with diacritics when you learn a language that suports it, and doesn't even remind you.

            > Switching languages is something we do every day, many times every day, and I do not experience any problems because of that.

            Maybe you are just lucky, even Prof von Ahn has indicated it himself that the interface is glitchy when switching languages.


            I am glad that you see the design issue that is bothering me. I see that you don't consider it a design flaw. But, is it helpful to highlight things that are fundamental to understanding my question, as though I don't understand and haven't pointed out these things myself?

            Different language pairs are different language-learning courses, and the design should reflect this fact. I should be able to delete/reset one language pair course without deleting a different language pair course. XP earned in L2_English-L1_Spanish Immersion should not count in L2_English-L1_German Immersion. These are unprofitable consequences of the current design. It causes me trouble and I would like to see it changed. That is why I've labeled my description of my trouble with the current design as belonging to the Troubleshooting Discussion.


            Something does seem to have changed recently: in the past for example, points earned in German from English would be added to points earned in German from Spanish for a total German points (which seems perfectly logical to me). Now they seem to be counted separately. Is this what you're getting at?


            @duonks - I don't see the sense of this either. Learning English from German is not at all the same as learning it from French. They have a different set of false friends, different discontinuities in word order, different shared concepts. They are different. As far as whether you end up speaking English, they have the same aim. But they are not the same course.


            I do not think it is logical to count them together.

            I translate French, German and Spanish TO English. These are three different tasks. It is logical to keep progress in each of them distinct (as it is now).

            If I translate FROM English to French, German or Spanish, it is not logical to count progress in writing German as though it's the same as progress in writing Spanish and French (as it evidently is being done now, and if this is accurate I do not like this)..

            I am unaware of any change. If the problems I'm having have arisen because of a change or experiment, I would like this experiment to be rejected or the change reversed.

            If you are describing an experimental change that keeps progress separate for the different courses, I hope this experiment is accepted and that I will see it on my profile.

            If you're talking about a discrepency in the display of the total of all XP attributed to your account, this is a different issue. It is easiest to understand if your account's total XP is a total of all XP that your account has earned. I had not noticed, if this is not the case.


            I agree that those are three different tasks, and as such the progress should be indicated separately in the corresponding translation tiers. My case is different, as I'm only "learning" and not translating, and I think the total points earned learning each language should be independent of the language you learn it from. :-)


            Sure, but the English would still be English and the grammar and words learned would be independent of where they were learnt from. If I were multilingual and wanted to learn another language, it would make sense to me that points for the new language from my native languages were counted together :-) I think we'll have to agree to disagree (and sorry for hogging your thread!)...

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