"A' mhàthair agus a' chaileag."

Translation:The mother and the girl.

August 17, 2020

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Why "chaileag" and not caileag? This is the 1st mention of this I've seen.


The answer word bubbles to choose from did not contain any apostrophes for "The mother," "Am (A') mhàthair" or for "the girl," "an (a') chaileag". I reported this 17Aug2020.


That’s a problem with Duolingo software, it removes punctuation (and treats apostrophes as punctuation), so it won’t give you any a’ bubbles – it only will give you a (and you need to choose that).

Nothing the Gaelic course contributors can do about.

The problem has been reported to the Duolingo staff long ago.


one apostrophe is missing. So it is not possible to write the good answer.

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