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Timed practice or not?

For me, timed practice is a lot more exciting than the ordinary one. It boosts my adrenaline and it seems to reinforce things more powerfully to my memory than the ordinary practice does.

However, timed practice makes me keep pushing the "enter" button. When I was on my timed practice and I entered the wrong answer, I couldn't help myself but keep pushing the "enter" button and missed the site's correction for my answer.

Then, in the end, I think I should prefer doing ordinary practice and answering the question calmly to doing timed practice and answering the question in rush.

What do you think?

May 18, 2013



Actually, I have noticed that when you do "timed practice" you end up filling more white blanks where you need practice faster than "untimed practice". I have taken advantage of this and I think doing the timed practice pumps you up and makes your brain challenged and that is what we need to learn a language effectively. :) That's just my opinion. All of us will have different opinions. :)


I usually do untimed practice first. When I feel confident enough, I try timed practice. If I struggle with it and need to read comments, I return to untimed practice. Timed practice is for speeding up when you are rather good already.

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