"A new clock."

Translation:Gleoc ùr.

August 18, 2020

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The glossary gave "cloc" instead of "gleoc". Are both correct?


Dictionaries give gleoc, cleoc, cloc for clock, so I think all three are generally used and correct. Not sure if all of them are accepted in the course, though.


Both will be accepted, but cloc is the 'proper' spelling according to the Gaelic Orthographic Conventions, so we'll be changing it in Tree 2 :)


Interesting, Colin B.D. Mark gives gleoc as the main entry, Angus Watson also lists gleoc first (but both also list cloc and cleoc), intergaelic.com only gives gleoc for Irish clog (and when you type cleoc or cloc it links to gleoc)…

Am Faclair Beag gives all forms, and there is no ‘main’ or ‘first’ one.

Seems the bigger modern dictionaries choose to not follow the conventions here then. ;-)


I learned gleoc in school. After reading the GOC doc front-to-back numerous times over the past couple of months, I find myself second-guessing a lot of spellings, even for the simplest of words...

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