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  5. "Die Männer essen die Äpfel."

"Die Männer essen die Äpfel."

Translation:The men are eating the apples.

May 18, 2013



It is not die feminine, it is die for plural I think?


Die is for feminine and plural in the accusitive case.


In english yould just say "the men are eating apples" right? No need to put a "the" before apples?


You don't have to; either sounds natural. In speaking fluently, if they're apples that we've never talked about before, then i would say "The men eat apples." But if you and I were just talking about picking the apples that they are eating now, i would probably say "The men are eating the apples." Does that make sense?


you can definitely say "The men are eating the apples" in English if you are talking about a specific batch of apples. If you are talking about the specific apples you bought you'd say "The men are eating the apples" but if you are just talking about in general or an observation then you can just say "the men are eating apples"


Yea really... Had to start over because of that detail....


Sometimes if apples are mentioned before the statement, then 'the apples' can be used. If apples are being mentioned for the first time then no 'the' appears. For example, They went on a picnic. In the basket there were apples, milk and some cheese. The men started first by eating the apples. Hope this helps!


But I didn't see any such future references as described here that would indicate that a "the" was required.


This lessons are too vegan... It should rather be "Die Männer essen die Kuh"... Tastes better


Kind of sounds like they are eating the cow alive...


Well, he may want to try with "Die Männer essen das Fleisch der Kuh" :) I dunno if I have used the genitive case correctly though... :)


I agree with ashermurph1...in that case you'd more want to say "Die Männer essen das Rindfleisch" which means "the men are eating the beef"


How Apfel is translated for apples. How can i differetiate if its apple or apples


"Apfel" ist apple, "Äpfel" is apples.


It would be nice if there was a way to hear both the plural and singluar Apfels next to each other. Also, Ihr and Er.


In "Apfel" the a is pronounced like in the word "Apple" but in "Äpfel" the Ä is pronounced more like a lower case e (eh).


Using incorrect but phonetic spelling, singular is pronounced "app - full" (Apfel) and plural is " Ep - full" (Äpfel).


Ive been just paying attention for Die or Das.

I was also told one is like the word irritate while the other is like the word error and far as Ihr and Er go.


Why if I miss "the" from "apples", the whole sentence is wrong?


Because they arent just any random apples, they are the apples!


Can someone explain when to use "den apfel" and why is it not used in this case?


I don't know how to add umlauts on my phone


Hold down the letter on your keyboard and options should pop up


You can put an e after the vowel if your keyboard doesn't have umlauts. Ae is a(umlaut), for example. Duolingo doesn't like Aepfel though


you hold your finger on the letter and then it will come up with foreign characters that are also used with the letter including umlauts.

This only works on Ios though.


And Windows, and Android, at least!


I love that this could technically also mean "The apples are eating the men."


True! Although perhaps in this situation the word order carries meaning to remove the ambiguity (or just context).


At the normal speed, the voice is saying "Die Männer essen die Äpfel". At the slow speed, it is saying "Die Männer essen-sen die Äpfel". Anyone else hear the same thing, or is it just me?


How do you make a capital letter with an umlaut on a Mac as in plural for apple


Is there a trick to hearing the difference between Äpfel and Apfel? I can't hear the plural. :(


Whe saying "Apfel" you can hear the sound of the "a", in the case of "Äpfel" the "ä" sounds more like the "e" in spanish.


Someone wrote it before but I don't know where.. How do you pronounce Apfel and Äpfel?

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