"This is soup."

Translation:Seo brot.

August 18, 2020



In Gaelic, is this called an equation or sentence?

That's what they call it in Arabic, when the verb is absent.

Literally, this soup, no "Tha/tha" present.


tha would not be correct here. It’s a wrong verb here, you cannot say something like tha seo brot (see my answers to "Tha sin dona." and Seo vs Tha seo for more details).

With the correct verb¹ called copula, it would be is e seo brot. But in such sentences the copula (which is always unstressed anyway) is very often omitted, hence shorter seo brot, or eg. Calum an t-ainm a th’ orm instead of is e Calum an t-ainm….

But generally, yes, it is treated as, and called, a sentence – perhaps because it generally works exactly the same as sentence with the copula present. If you add or remove it, the rest of the sentence doesn’t change, so they’re really equivalent (and the copula is understood implicitly, even if it’s missing).

¹ or rather a separate functional item, as it doesn’t even truly work as a verb in Gaelic, it has its own special syntax

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