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Multiple kids on one app

I'm trying to set up my kiddos on the app. I have 6 kids and I would rather set up multiple profiles than do a classroom. Is that possible?

August 18, 2020



AnnaHunter, the classroom is only for you the teacher, so that you can track the students' progress.

Then my other piece of advice is if they are all using the same device, make sure they log out so that the next student can log in.


Multiple profiles require multiple e-mail addresses if you do not want to setup pupils on schools.duolingo.com and using a classroom.


AFAIK there is no mobile app support for schools.duolingo.com assignments.

They would have to use the www.duolingo.com web portal on a browser.


Thomas.Heiss, what support are you thinking of? The posting of what the specific assignment is? I can certainly see my students' progress when they use the mobile app...



Quote: what support are you thinking of? The posting of what the specific assignment is?

Yes, that a student can see their assignments with any details
(Pentaan had posted me a screenshot a while ago for the web where a student can see it on the Learn page at the bottom right side).

Other screenshots might be linked at the school Help / Faq section.

I only have played around a bit with the schools.duolingo.com system when I registered as a teacher (I wanted to see my Portuguese words in the PT->DE reverse tree which is not possible as only German words are shown) but have left again 2018 when I saw that my new Portuguese A/B tree was taken away from me ;)

I have some experiences with the older Android mobile app on an Android emulator (KOPlayer).

Well, so much can change with Duolingo overnight like new features on the app, but somewhere it was posted in this "Educators" forum and confirmed by admins (if I remember correctly) that there is no special support for a classroom for a student on the mobile app and seeing the same information as on the web (assignments).

Am I right?

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