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Timezone problem fixed?

I read on https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103 and https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1405994 that my timezone is set to the one when I registered.

Indeed, I traveled recently from UTC+8 to UTC+2 and found out that when I duo after 6 pm, the streak is counted into the next day.

However, about two days ago I found that this is no longer the case. The streak is now matching my current timezone (UTC+2). Is the timezone problem fixed?

August 15, 2014



It was never a problem, at least not a technical probem, but from what you and others say, it seems that they are taking your current time zone into account now.

I presume that you have to set your current time zone on your computer or mobile device, otherwise how would DL know where you were, but it now seems to be taken into account by DL.


It seems we only disagree in what a "problem" is defined to be... :)


It would be great if someone from DL would comment on this, but since they haven't, I have a question:

What are you using to determine that DL is matching your current time zone? Your graph when you complete a lesson or the green check mark next to your flame?

Can you do me a favor and right-click on the webpage, click 'view page source' and search the text (ctrl F) for timezone. I'm curious as to what it says for you.



Previously, when I finish a course on Tuesday after 6pm (which is 0am of the next day in UTC+8), I see the XP and streak are counted into Wednesday. That has no longer been the case about two days ago.

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