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  5. "Seann ospadal."

"Seann ospadal."

Translation:An old hospital.

August 19, 2020



any reason for the second "n"?



Out with the old, in with a different form of the old


I don't understand. Please explain?


Out with the old, in with a different form of the old

In this skill we are introduced to a new form of an old friend:

sean = old

Sean comes after the adjective:

cat sean - an old cat

cù sean - an old dog

Tha mi sean. - I am old.

Seann comes before the adjective and always lenites when possible:

seann chat - an old cat

seann chù - an old dog

We have to use sean when making a simple descriptive statement:

seann charaid - an old friend but

Tha an caraid agam sean. The words seanair (grandfather) and seanmhair (grandmother) are partly made up the word sean:

seanair = sean + athair

seanmhair = sean + màthair

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