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Taking courses written in two different languages

I'm a native English speaker who also speaks Spanish. I'd like to take the "French for English speakers" and "Portuguese for Spanish speakers" courses concurrently, but adding the latter switches my whole account to Spanish; I end up with "Portuguese for Spanish speakers" and "French for Spanish speakers." (I was able to switch back to courses in English without losing my progress.) Is there a way for me to fix this? If not, is there a chance that Duolingo mods will look into ways for bi- or multilingual users to take different courses in different languages at the same time?

August 15, 2014



I have the same problem. I did courses for english native speakers as there weren't so many for german native speakers. Now i wanted to try the new "french for german speakers" and suddenly all my other courses weren't available anymore. When i changed back they where, but the "french for germans" course wasn't. Please change this, so that we can have acces to all our courses directly from the profile without changing the mother language all time. :)


I have the same problem. I would like Duo Lingo to make it so you could have an account with two native languages. I have started Portuguese from English and now want to learn Catalán (only available from Spanish), but I don't like all the clicks to switch account languages and I don't want to start my Portuguese lessons over. I wouldn't think that it would be too hard for them to allow you to select two native languages.


Can't you just find the Catalan language at the bottom of the usual language-switching tab? They should be separated with the current native-language by a line. Besides, the progress saves and you don't have to do it again.


I would like this to be easier as well. It's annoying the number of steps it takes to switch.


Here's a way to do it with bookmarks!

Let's say you are learning Spanish from English.

  1. Make a new bookmark

  2. Give it a useful name like "ES <- EN" or "Spanish from English"

  3. Copy the script you see here into the "Location" area.

  4. Save bookmark.

Now let's say you want English from Spanish

Repeat steps 1-3, only call it "EN <- ES" or "English from Spanish". Now in the script, change learning_language=es to learning_language=en, and change from_language=en to from_language=es .

Create as many bookmarks as you need for your desired courses, altering learning_language and from_language as necessary.

I would save all these bookmarks in a folder called "Duo Courses" or something like that. (These bookmarks work if you have your browser open to the Duolingo website. )

Hope this helps! :-)


I don't think it works. All of the websites just turn up to www.duolingo.com.


Same problem over here. I started the Italian course for English speakers when they were no courses for Spanish speakers. Now I want to start German for Spanish but I have to switch my whole profile.

Wish Doulingo could unify all courses in the same profile, regardless of the mother tongue.


That would be nice, however the entire point of choosing a different native language is to use the native language to speak. If you go to your profile, you can see your German for Spanish course in it. Also, just switch using the "I speak" tab when choosing a new language; or you should find the other courses with different native languages under a line.

P.S.S.S.S. Please give Lingot.


A little help to do it simply: When you are at the course selection screen, you can right click to that course and save the link. Save the other course's link as well, and then when you need the other, you just have to press 1 button inside that link. At this time this is the easiest way. (in my browser there are two Duolingo iconst with the names: ENG, GER with the corresponding course-changing link)


It would be nice to know the accumulated xp, as well as the individual xp when learning from two separate languages. (I'm taking French from English, and French From Spanish.) Having accumulated xp would be a better motivator.


Yes, that would be nice.


No, this is the way it stays. Duolingo automatically enrolls you into the "French for Spanish speakers" course as it detects you are learning French. You can, of course, switch back to the French for English course at anytime. It's just that the page reloads to translate the interface.

Also, try laddering. It is connecting different courses together by learning them simultaneously. As an example, you could take the "Portuguese for French course" or the "French for Portuguese course" to further enhance your skills. P.S.S. Please gib Lingot


It's not about the language you learn, but rather the language from which you learn it. From what I've seen, now that there are more courses, they decided to separate them. Now if you hover over the little flag that's right next to your profile photo, you can choose to add a new course and there is a list (top right) that contains the languages from which you want to learn, but once you do that (for example if you study French from English and switch to French from Spanish) the account automatically switches to the "main" language, whereas if you study French from English and you decide to add Italian from English everything remains unchanged.

BUT the progress remains no matter what course or main language you choose, and you can change them whenever you want, so don't worry. I know it's somewhat inconvenient, but if you think about this, it's rather easier, because if the languages were to be put all together, you'd probably get confused.

But yeah, it would be nice to have the possibility to change them directly from your profile page, or to have all your courses organized by their main languages.


That is correct, the progress in the trees is saved when you switch the languages you're learning from, so you can pick up where you left it on switching back. However, the total XP's (per language and all time) appear to be currently (since August ? ) out of sync.... I have ~4000 more points on the English interface than on the Spanish one, spread between German, French and Portuguese.


Wow, I don't think I've seen any user with so much progress on so many different languages! Props to you for your hard work!


Sorry, I don't think I got this right: when you switch from English to Spanish the xp is different.. or?


My all time total now changes when I switch between learning from English and learning from Spanish, yes. The weekly and monthly total sums are still the same, but my total German points for example, are now different depending on where I learn from. I've reported it as I'm not sure whether it's a glitch or simply a new way of doing things :-)


I haven't noticed this, but maybe it's just to make things more exact, I mean to see how much you achieved depending on the language. :)

(could you please write on my profile page if you get an answer?)


Maybe, but then the weekly and monthly totals should also be different. In the end, I still intend to do all possible trees from all possible languages anyway, regardless of the XP totals. I'm not that bothered either way, although personally I'd prefer to see my total counts for each of the language courses I take, independent of the interface languages... Otherwise I'd be looking at ~20 different numbers instead of my 7 current duo languages. Whichever way it's intended, it's not consistent at the moment, so I think maybe it's a bit of a glitch in a new method. I'll let you know how it turns out :-)


Same problem for me. It's a pain... Besides, some languages are only available from one language. Guaraní, for example, is only available from Spanish while Polish cannot be studied from Spanish... The system should be more flexible and less sectioned for users.


Oh, my. Is the real problem something different than what I understand or what. Because for me, switching languages is as easy as pie.

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