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  5. "It will have happened."

"It will have happened."

Translation:Het zal zijn gebeurd.

August 15, 2014



Why is "Het zal hebben gebeurt" not okay here?


Because "gebeuren" uses "zijn" as an auxiliary in the present perfect, not "hebben". More info here.


Also, the participle is 'gebeurd' - 'gebeurt' is the 2nd-/3rd-person form. Many many Dutch people get that wrong too.


if you say "wat is er gebeurd" for "what happened" - using "er" - why can't you say "er zal gebeurd zijn"?


'Wat er gebeurd zal zijn' might be possible as the beginning of an sentence. As a native Dutch speaker, I find it quite difficult to define why 'er' is not possible right here. Also, the whole future tense is one we do not use very often in day to day talk.

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