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"आमिर के माता-पिता दिल्ली से हैं।"

Translation:Aamir's parents are from Delhi.

August 20, 2020



Difference between माता and माँ?


They both mean the same but माता is more formal.
Such pairs of words where one is directly borrowed from Sanskrit (माता) and the other is the native Hindi form descended from that word (माँ) are very common in Hindi. The former is then considered the 'formal' word.
The above sentence can also be translated as आमिर के माँ-बाप दिल्ली से हैं।

Note that माँ is also used as a term of address for one's mother. In contrast, the use of माते (the vocative form of माता) as a term of address is limited to period dramas.


Thanks! I've asked the same question on a different variation of the exercise; strange they don't share a discussion section...


Thanks for such good information


By the way where did uou get this information


come from should be accepted it means the same thing

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