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  5. "Você sabe ler?"

"Você sabe ler?"

Translation:Do you know how to read?

May 18, 2013



´Do you know to read?´ surely cannot be correct English.

´Do you know HOW to read?´ would be a correct translation. Or simply go for the common ´can you read?´.


You're correct that "Do you know to read" isn't English and I've reported it.

I'd avoid "can you read'"as it has a slightly different meaning. I can know how to read but be unable to read because I've lost my glasses or I've been blinded.


Do you know to do something? is very case specific - It equates to Do you know that you are supposed to do something?


To get the meaning of " you are supposed/expected to do something" the sentence should be framed as : "Do you know you have to do something?"


Can you explain why "Do you know to read" is grammaticaly incorrect?

I think, "how" is used as a description on the way one reads. "How" seek for an explanation how one reads. Say read loud, read slow etc

And is not necessary to be present in a sentence.


A fluent speaker of English would not ask "Do you know + infinitive" " when asking about the "ability" to do something.

Do you know how to read? Do you know how to ski? Do you know how to play dominoes?

"Do you know to read" (Você sabe ler) looks like a literal translation from Portuguese.


I agree with hkbk.wouldnt.can you read be ..pode ler ?


You know to read? is also offer as a possible answer but, is it correct? Shouldn't it be with do?


Não. Eu tento aprender lem e escrever com Duolingo. :) :) :)

[deactivated user]

    I believe it should be 'a ler' and not "lem"

    "Eu tento aprender a ler e escrever"

    But then again, what do I know, I'm just at level 9 =)


    "Eu tento aprender a ler e escrever"

    Your sentence is correct =)

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