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What is its name

Duolingo says "उसका नाम क्या हैं but I'm sure it should be "इसका नाम क्या हैं " Please comment.

August 20, 2020



It's differentiated by distance

Word Distance Gender
इसका near masculine
इसकी near feminine
उसका far masculine
उसकी far feminine

They both mean his/hers/theirs/its and the form depends on the gender of the object, not the subject


Oliver192922, this is the correct answer. इसका is a form of यह (this/he/she/it) and is used for someone or something who is close by (either physically or figuratively). Similarly, उसका is a form of वह (that/he/she/it) and is used for someone or something who is far away (physically or figuratively). The choice between the two is very similar to how you choose between 'this' and 'that' in English.


"iska" (sorry I don't have the hindi keyboard) is used in this sentences to refer something non-living being and "uska" is used to refer living being (animal or person mainly)


Thank you, It makes sense now. The Hindi Pronouns are a minefield, eventually, I will conquer them all.

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