"A cold sausage."

Translation:Isbean fuar.

August 20, 2020

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Hiya, why is "Im blasta" tasty butter but "isbean fuar" is A cold sausage?


Not really sure what you’re asking for, isbean means ‘a sausage’, im means ‘butter’, blasta means ‘tasty’, fuar means ‘cold’…

If you mean why a sausage has the indefinite article in English while butter doesn’t – then… because English generally works this way? ‘Sausage’ is a countable noun (you can have a single sausage or 3 sausages) meaning a concrete item and those need indefinite article if their indefinite (so a sausage, a cat, a glass) while ‘butter’ is uncountable and denotes a substance that you measure using other units (1 oz of butter, 200 ml of butter, 1 kg of butter…) – and those when indefinite generally don’t have the article (butter, milk, whisky, soup, sand).

Since Gaelic doesn’t have indefinite articles, there’s no such difference there.


Thanks silmeth, I realised after posting that I was forgetting Gaelic doesn't require indefinite articles. I appreciate the detailed reply. Slainte!

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