"Vegetarian food is good."

Translation:शाकाहारी खाना अच्छा होता है।

August 20, 2020

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It's the best


People have there own choices so you can not tell them that vegetarian food is good


People have choices and may choose to say this :)


Why does vegetarian end with ई and good with an आ? Shouldn't both have the same grammatical gender since they both refer to one noun > खाना?


Some adjectives change form based on the gender/number of their nouns and others don't. शाकाहारी is one of those adjectives that have the same form for all nouns. अच्छा does change forms and is used in the masculine form here because खाना is masculine.

The rule of thumb is that adjectives ending in ा for a direct-case masculine singular subject change form (with the ending becoming ी for feminine subjects and े for plural/oblique-case masculine subjects) and adjectives ending with anything else don't change form. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule such as तनहा (solitary) and ज़्यादा (more) which don't change form.

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