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Scottish Gaelic help

Recently i have trouble with the scots gaelic course duolingo has to offer. I feel i do well so far. I find so few resources online to help with gaelic especially pronounciation of words. the gaelic here can often be confusing as during lessons it can be common to hear two different ways to say one word. It makes the learning process far harder and adds more confusion than there might already be without it. I wonder if there is perhaps something considered standard scots gaelic in the same way we would have standard english. And maybe some other apps or websites that could help further with the gaelic learning. Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

August 20, 2020



Definitely that something I needed to boost my learning. Thank you very much!


Well, I personally feel that we are extremely lucky and privileged to hear slightly different accents by real native speakers in this course. How difficult would it be to learn, as is the case for language learners in many countries, only from non-native speaker teachers with strong and funny accents! (German English teachers who can't speak a "th" etc. ... .) Much worse if we had only a computer voice – probably then we would not learn at all to understand real Scottish speakers. And yes, Jason on YouTube is great, and very easy to understand.


I find that as I learn, it is getting easier to understand the nuances, give it some time. I listen to BBC gaelic and it helps too, even if I do not pick up more than one word or two out of a whole sentence. Practice is the key.


I will certainly try out that BBC gaelic you mentioned in your reply. Thank you and good luck with your learning!


In addition:

Ceumannan @ Storlann - Online files for the Ceumannan series of books


Gaelic 4 Parents - Learning Gaelic with games, stories, audio, downloads


Gàidhlig Gu Leòr - Scottish Gaelic Learning Clips & eSgoil N5 Lessons


Goireasan Gàidhlig - Gaelic Resources - new website (2020) from Storlann


TAIC - Scottish Gaelic Learners' Resource - 62 lessons (beginner to advanced)- with grammar, examples, exercises, audio, and answers


Mango Languages - Scottish Gaelic



Wow, that is a lot! Thank you very much I'll get using these as soon as possible.


Hello, try this one : https://learngaelic.net/ The newsletter is well done, and you can read it at the same time you hear it. I just began to learn scottish gaelic, and sorry if my english is not so good, i'm french so i learn one and review the other. Mar sin leibh


Thank you. It's the same as the one I shared in an earlier comment, but at least this one actually shows as a link. :) Thanks for the info on the newsletter as well.

Your English is fine. You could try the English from French if you like.

Happy learning!

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