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  5. "Eu estou com dor nas costas."

"Eu estou com dor nas costas."

Translation:I have back pain.

August 15, 2014



"I have pain in the back" is wrong. Why?


so when you talk about your back, always use the plural form: as costas?


Yup, Portuguese is one of the few languages that uses a plural for "back". It's something to memorize.


Hello! Did someone ever know the expression BACKACHE? Why "I have backache" is assumed wrong?


You are totally right, in the area where i live, everybody uses that expression "I HAVE BACKACHE". But Duo doesn't like it Hehehe.


You have to say " my back" otherwise a person will not know if it is the back of your head, the back your knees.....


What about "eu tenho dor nas costas"?


it's also correct, but "eu tenho" means that the person has always back pain, and "eu estou" means that at that time the person is in pain, but not necessarily always

"Eu tenho" means that the person can not has back pain at the moment that she/he is saying, but occasionally, in some moments, recurrent, or in all moments, he/she has back pain
"Eu estou" the back pain is in the moment that she/he is saying


"I have a back pain" -- why the A makes it wrong?

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