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Not a question, a problem with site

Ok, so I encountered a problem with the site, and didnt know where to post it. So I'm going along, translating easily, since I am working my way up to my current level of knowledge, and I come across a question that asks me to record a sentence. However, I don't have a microphone, so it counts the problem wrong when I skip it. I lose so many points from this, I fail the lesson.

August 22, 2012



Click on your user name on the top-right, then click on "settings", set "microphone" to "off", and click "Save changes".


I had the same problem. When I turn the microphone off and save changes then go back to the lesson the microphone is back on again. Using Chrome browser. It's not saving the changes to the settings.


I know this was already 4 years ago, but I'm having the same problems, not saving settings and username :(

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