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"Los extranjeros reciben un tratamiento especial en ese país."

Translation:Foreigners receive special treatment in that country.

May 19, 2013



This sounds like a Daily Mail headline.


Straight to the comments


Receive a special treatment should be correct. Inclusion of the indefinite article shouldn't be an error.


Generally the "a" should be left out in English, unless the special treatment is, say, torture


Well, given that this is supposed to be the medical lesson, I was thinking that perhaps we're talking about medical tourism. Foreigners come to Thailand to get cheap plastic surgery...


You're right, but DU marks way too many things wrong to chance it... Of course, in this case, DU marked it wrong because I included the 'a'. I feel like I always have to ask myself "what would DuoLingo say".... It's very frustrating...


Really you should say "what is the correct way of saying this" and then report it if Duolingo complains otherwise the system won't improve.


Lacking knowledge of the context both "treatment" and "a treatment" should be accepted.


Nah... in the medical section... What more context do you need?


That sounds quite ominous ...


It is true that in English I would drop the "a" in front of "special", just as I would drop the word "the" from in front of the word "foreigners". In English I would say, "Foreigners receive special treatment in that country." So one must ask, are the creators of duolingo looking for a literal translation or a good English translation? In this case, the translation satisfies neither one.


A. As in "a medical treatment". It is in the medical section after all, not in the newspaper headlines section.


Are there any grammarians amongst all these people who have comments to make and it seems that Duolingo makes more mistakes than anybody especially when speaking English


Is that country Thailand?

es ese país tailandia?


Wouldnt foreigners be synonymous with tourists?


Special treatment sounds like a euphemism to me...


I wonder if this sentence was included in this medical section just because it used the word "treatment." This sentence could mean that foreigners are treated very well in that country.

[deactivated user]

    Sounds like Sweden

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