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  5. "Ti ho visto crescere."

"Ti ho visto crescere."

Translation:I saw you grow up.

August 15, 2014



I think the proper English translation should be 'I saw you grow up' (which was accepted), unless you're talking to a plant.


Also, one does not usually 'see' something over a long period of time, but rather watches or observes (it takes intent to watch something over a period of time). 'I watched you grow up' would be better here.


Off the top of my mind I can think of a situation where 'saw' could prevail over 'watch': when someone sees Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk!


We do see things over a long time. I will oversee it. (ok tech diff word). "I have seen you grow", "the way I saw her had changed", "I couldn't see the forest for the trees" (metaphor). I do notice "see" is used more in metaphors than "watch" though.

What was the old duolingo phrase? Before "I saw you grow up"?


This, and other sentences DL uses for English translation seem awkward. Of course, the main reason is which Italian words are chosen to assemble the sentence.


It is plausible that the speaker is watching a video recording of another person's childhood. However, I do agree that "watch" is generally preferred when expressing intent, while "see" is more passive. A person could arguably watch without seeing or see without watching. I personally don't have a problem with Duo's translation. There is no context, without which we can only wonder at the meaning. "Grow" need not mean "grow up". Some people have "grown up" without growing at all! Ponder that.


Absolutely agree. I can't imagine watching anything grow - sort of like watching paint dry, is what comes to mind. Bamboo's about the only thing I'm familiar with that one could arguably watch grow or maybe 'chia' plants.


Why not, I've seen you growing? This is an abstract sentence


since the italian simple present can also be translated to the english using the -ing ending, this is correct.


I don't understand why this sentence doesn't use the imperfect. Could someone explain why it wouldn't be "Ti vedevo crescere"?


You are right, it could. But I think this section is on the passato.


Thanks, Margaret_S!


Should it be "grow up" or "growing up"? A first search result suggests both, with a difference in the meaning: http://www.english-test.net/forum/ftopic48909.html Based on this, I actually prefer the gerund.


I don't understand why you use sometimes the infinitive "to"


in english, the infinitive includes the word 'to' in front of it. to grow, to run, to play


Yeah, but she asked why you skip the "to" in this case. I would say some verbs just kill it: "I saw you grow up", "I let you grow up", "I made you grow up", but "I needed you to grow up", "I expected you to grow up". Can't say why.


I saw you growing?? Watching implies a long term activity. "I saw" could refer to intermittent observations over time. people don't just grow up they can also grow and not just in height.


What is the rule for "ti", "ci", etc, to be in the beginning of the sentence?


It's just the way they speak. In English you have "subject verb object" - "I saw you". In Italian you have "object (subject) verb" - "ti (io) ho visto".


Another sentence translates crescere as develop. Can one say, "I saw you develop?"


This should be "I have watched you grow up"


in my opinion, it should be "i saw you growing"..

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