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"I drink coffee before I sleep."

Translation:Ik drink koffie, voordat ik slaap.

August 15, 2014



Duolingo giving good advise as always!


Yes, haha love the sarcasm there. ^_^


Perhaps Duolingo is referring to the wisdom of coffee naps.


Ik drink altijd koffie voordat ik slaap.


Not that smart.


So is voordat coordinating or subordinating? This hasn't come up for me since eighth grade grammar. Or is inversion not affected by that in this case? Because I had "slaap ik" and it was marked wrong.


"voordat" is a subordinating conjunction. Subordinating conjunctions always force the verb in the subordinate clause to the end of the clause: "ik drink koffie, voordat ik het ontbijt eet." Additionally, if the independent clause comes after the subordinate clause, the independent clause's verb is forced to the beginning of the clause: "Voordat ik het ontbijt eet, drink ik koffie."

You can read about the "verb at the end" rule in the Tips and notes section of the Conjunctions skill, and you can read more about word order on this page, which is part of this Dutch grammar overview on Duolingo.


Heeft iemand een verklaring voor de punctuatie? Bedankt


Je mag komma's voor verbindingswoorden plaatsen om het lezen gemakkelijker te maken. Het is niet noodzakelijk (behalve als de betekenis van de zin verandert zonder komma) maar wel handig. Vooral bij lange zinnen.


Can voordat be replaced with just "voor"?


I wrote voor and it was accepted, but is there a difference?


Voordat is a contraction of 'voor' and 'dat' and could be translated as '(be)for(e) that'. Voor can be used here but it can also have several different meanings.

De appel is voor hem =The apple is for him

Ik sta voor het huis = I'm standing in front of the house

We/wij bidden voor(dat) we eten = We pray before we eat

[deactivated user]

    Isn't voordat means Because??


    my best guess: voordat is "before that" and it may function also as "because" since it what comes after that may explain you something about what comes later...

    [deactivated user]

      Good luck sleeping then :D


      Is it true that if the words which come after conjunction, in this case is "voordat" will not invert the next words which is preceeded directly with "S" + "V" or "ik slaap" in the similar case? :D


      Please read what I and Narion K (or something) replied above, since we both gave very detailed explainations. Sorry but I not typing all that again on the same thread.


      Ha, that's an ADHD mood. Fun fact: Did you know that caffeine works differently for some people? It helps me focus but makes me sleepy, so it's actually pretty common for me to do that.


      I love the Dutch Langauge and I'm not being sarcastic WHY "voordat" now for "because" it keeps changing and it's confusing but I'm staying with it!


      Ik drink koffie, vooraleer ik slaap.... is niet correct ???? Ik ben Vlaming. „Vooraleer“ is ook correct!!!!

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