"De advocaten luisteren naar de rechter."

Translation:The lawyers listen to the judge.

August 15, 2014

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Is it incorrect to translate advocaten as "advocates" ?


In American English, using the word "advocate" to mean "lawyer" generally doesn't happen and would confuse most people if you tried to use the word that way. I see the dictionary supports that definition though, so I'm guessing the British still use that definition?


Yes, they have solicitors and advocates (both types of attorneys).


Oh solicitor and attorney, two other words. So we have advocate attorney lawyer solicitor Is there a difference? Do they all mean the same?


A lawyer is a general term that covers both solicitor and barrister (advocate). A solicitor is usually the first person that a member of the public will go to with their legal problem. A solicitor will often refer the work to a barrister for specialist advice or to appear in court to represent the client. It is also possible for certain solicitors to appear in court as advocates (barristers), if they have higher rights of audience. The judiciary is drawn from both branches of the profession.

This is the difference between the British English terms. In America we use lawyer and attorney, and they are essentially interchangeable, but you could think of attorney as the equivalent of a barrister, since in court each side has an attorney but when you first seek legal advice you ask for a lawyer. However, both are referred to by both names, and they aren't separate professions.

Edit: In America we use the word "solicitor" for a very different meaning than in Britain. When someone comes to your door or calls your home phone offering services or preaching or selling something, they are a solicitor and you may see "no solicitors" signs in people's doors or windows.


Also in America an advocate can be anyone advocating for anything. While only a lawyer/attorney is licensed to practice law.


I don't think it is. Although lawyer is of course more common, advocate is a correct translation of advocaat.


Ya I think so too. I wrote advocate and they marked it incorrect! I have submitted the request to correct it...I hope they correct it :)


Is "luisteren naar" a fixed phrase? Would it be the same as "to listen to"?


Yep. If you follow luisteren naar with a noun, that part of the sentence will always mean 'listening to _'

But keep in mind the listeners must be plural with luisteren. Ik luister naar de rechter.


Advocate is HET or DE?


De, but her it is plural which is always de.


I find funny as in portuguese you say : advogado as lawyer. Quite a similar word :)


Both from Latin advocatus.


So "naar" can also be used as "to the"?

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