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what can do in just an half minute

Hi, I'm enjoying practises of this site but as I write title how many people get a good score in TIME LIMITED practise? maybe they are good at fast typing so it need language skill.

May 19, 2013



When I'm good at the skill, I get 18-20 points for a timed practice and finish it with 30-60 seconds left. You get 7 or 10 extra seconds for every correct answer depending on the length of the sentence, so it's really not just half a minute.

If your typing slows you down, you may want to learn to touch type. It would be useful not only for Duolingo but for every task involving typing.

Update: Anyway, you are not obliged to do timed practice. If you are absolutely uncomfortable with it, just use untimed practice instead.


How many words a minute do you type, Lightning Fingers?


My official records are 672 cpm (134 wpm) in Russian and 572 cpm (114 wpm) in English. These were achieved a couple of years ago at http://klavogonki.ru at random texts about 250 characters long. In "real life" my typing speed varies depending on the text length, whether I have to compose something of my own and so on. My German and French typing are worse; because of not so well practiced combinations and combined characters I still make many typos. I'd say about 70-80 wpm.


I usually get similar results and I type at 65 wpm. On average, people type at around 36 wpm. http://www.typingtest.com/


Does anyone know any free internet touch typing courses for a German keyboard?


If you can touch type in English, you can just switch to US International keyboard layout. All the letters will be in the same place, you'll only have to remember some combinations for accented letters. This is not much for German, and you can learn it just by practice without any courses.


I also get about 20 points, however it is much easier in the earlier lessons and if you don't run into a "listen and translate" question.


Thank you all! . your answers are very understandable and very clear. but what I really want to know is ,for what purposes people would like to use foreign language ,if they want just to say usual conversation,short phrases are enough, but if not so, or to communicate well or to be familiar more that culture , I think longer phrases needed. Anyway I'll play typing game so I can enoy much much more.Thanks again


Just a trick: you may omit all the punctuation and capitalization (except for German). It allows to type slightly faster. :)

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