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Word strength + decay

I seem to have noticed a change in the behaviour of duolingo in the past couple of weeks in respoect to word strength and decay.

When the decay was first introduced much of my tree was not perfect and I spent a lot of time getting everything back up to perfect, which I found to be extremely useful as it helped me to consolidate and re-learn a lot a vocabulary.

After that stage, I was finding that every day when I would come back to duolingo one or two lessons would have decayed which meant that every day I was doing a bit of revision before moving onto new material, a balance I was also finding to be very good and very useful.

However, I have recently progressed through many lessons towards the end of the tree and apart from 1 lesson two days ago, I cannot remember the last time I had any decay which meant I had to practice a lesson. Upon inspecting this, I find my words strength for many of the words learned in these later lessons is showing as v good or perfect, even though they are words I have seen very few times.

Therefore, it would appear to me there might be a bug somewhere which is making duolingo think that I have learnt words which for me are still not stuck in my mind.

May 19, 2013



I have been using Duolingo for a few weeks and can't recall once any word decaying in strength. It seems useless because the words I don't know are rated just the same as the ones I do know.

I hope they fix it.


Like you, i was pleased to note the decay function as it forced me to repeat earlier lessons, thereby reinforcing earlier learned lessons. I am now climbing from skill level 8 to 9 and I havent noted any decay in the last few weeks. However, I am caught up in theearly love affair with Duolingo, and I do still use the "strengthen your vocabulary" function now and the, and maybe this is what is holding the decay back?


I've noticed the same. I had assumed it was probably because I was seeing more of the words from previous lessons in the more advanced lessons, but I'll have to pay attention and see if that is actually the case.


Words decay really slowly now, or maybe not at all. I took a week off of using Duolingo and I don't think I lost any of my "gold" lessons.


Ditto, Came back to duolingo after 2 weeks and all of my lessons are "gold". This can not be right.

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