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Words not getting strengthened..

It's long been a suspicion of mine that some words don't get strengthened, even after a successful completion of a lesson. Now I am sure.

Just did Abs Objects 1 in Spanish, which used a word testigo. Yet in the Vocab list it says it was last seen two month ago..

May 19, 2013



Hi CzechTomas! We pushed a fix yesterday that should fix most word strength and practice issues. Could you let us know if you still encounter this problem? Thanks so much for helping us debug!


Hi karint. I'm having the opposite problem now. Anytime a word appears in the lesson it automatically goes to 100% strength, even if I mess up with it. The same is happening with lessons, even if I finish with no hearts left, I am still getting the 4 bars for it.


I'm seeing this too.. is this a bug?


I have the opposite problem: I keep doing the same lesson in spanish (colours), but I can't seem to evolve, even if I finish the lessons with all my hearts...

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