FAQ (Golden Owl Hall of Fame)

Here is the new GOHOF thread, as the other one simply became too cluttered.

I am asked these questions nearly every week, so here they are--and their answers, of course, as well as a few other things.

  • How do I sign up?: You can only sign up by posting in the GOHOF thread and commenting the number of trees you have earned, as well as the order (if you remember).

  • How do I get a trophy?: You must finish all the skills in any Duolingo course. I do not ask for proof, so I respectfully request that you not post any trophy pictures, as the thread will slow down.

  • What if I have multiple English trophies?: It would simply be too much to customize every "English from X" trophy, so I only count English trophies once.

  • Do I have to post every time I get a trophy?: Yes, because I delete posts from that week to keep the thread clean for you all.

  • Can I congratulate trophy earners in the thread?: I prefer that you post on their stream/celebratory discussion, because the posts add up on my end.

  • Does having a trophy from my native language count?: Yes. A tree is a trophy is a golden owl. If you don't want that trophy on the list, don't mention it in your comment.

  • What if I spot an error in an entry, either a typo or incorrect trophy?: Comment on my stream and I'll resolve the issue. Do not comment in the thread.

  • And if my question isn't on this list....: Then post on my stream. Be sure it's not, though. ;)


  • The GOHOF began in August 2014 as a petition to Duolingo to add acknowledgements of finished courses to user profiles, and since then, almost 400 people have joined the list.

  • There are, on average, seven new members a week.

  • 739 Golden Owls have been recorded as of January 3rd, 2015.

The distribution as follows:


August 16, 2014

This discussion is locked.

I'm done!

August 25, 2014

Hello from sunny Port Vila, Vanuatu.

I have 10 owls so far and these were done in the following order: (1) Spanish, (2) German, (3) Italian, (4) French, (5) Portuguese, (6) English from Spanish, (7) English from German, (8) English from French, (9) English from Italian, (10) English from Portuguese.

Soon I will also have 3 more: Polish from English, French from Spanish, Portuguese from Spanish.

August 22, 2014

Hey Alexis! Could you add the Irish trophy next to my name? I will include a screenshot in case you haven't seen it yet.

August 25, 2014
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