"You are a woman."

Translation:Du bist eine Frau.

May 19, 2013

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German has both formal and informal forms, each of them can be correct depending on the situation. If there aren't any situations, then the safest option is the formal form (Sie).

May 25, 2013


What's the difference between Sie and Du ? Thanks =)

June 8, 2013


The "Sie" form is used in formal situations, such as talking with your boss or with your teacher. You should also use it when talking to people older than you if you are a youth. The "du" form is used in informal situations, like talking with your friends and family members. You can also use it - as a youth - to talk to fellow youth strangers.

June 9, 2013


So Sie is basically saying Mrs./Miss./Ms. For women and Mr. for men for Sie as a one on one? Then Du is like talking casually?

April 17, 2014


Sie= polite way to say you. ( Talking to bosses, professors etc..). Du= informal way to say you ( talking to close friends and peers)

September 6, 2013


"You used the he/she/it form "ist" instead of the you form "bist"." What is the difference between these two?

June 4, 2013


It's similar to the difference between English's "is" and "are" !! We can't use "are" with "he/she/it" and we can't use "is" with "I/You/We/They" !! In German it's the same. Saying "Du ist eine Frau" is like saying "You is a woman" !! This page might help you choose the right conjugation :) http://german.about.com/library/verbs/blverb01.htm

June 10, 2013


can we say 'Ihr seid eine Frau'?

January 15, 2014


You cannot because then you would mean that "You (plural) are a woman". eine Frau means one woman. More than one person/You (plural) cannot be "one woman"

February 2, 2014


hello xD I do not understand the diference in eine and ein please healp me D:

June 10, 2013


Hey :) German has three definite articles "der, das, die" which are masculine , neutral, and feminine respectively. when we want to use indefinite article we use "ein" for both masculine and neutral and "eine" for feminine. I hope this was helpful :)

June 16, 2013
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