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  5. "You have water."

"You have water."

Translation:Jullie hebben water.

August 16, 2014



The conjugations of the verbs are killing me! Can someone give me a list of verbs with their conjugations please.


The tips and notes of this lesson shows the conjugation of hebben and zijn :) For hebben: Ik heb, Jij hebt, Hij/Zij heeft, Wij hebben, Jullie hebben, Zij hebben. For zijn: Ik ben, Je bent, Hij/Zij is, Wij zijn, Jullie zijn, Zij zijn.


Why is the verb "Drinken" it was "Drinkt" for Hij, Ze and Je, however for "Heben" it is diffrent for Je and for Hij and Ze? Is there any rule for when they are the same and when they are diffrent? Thanks very much:)


To the best of my knowledge, "Drinken" is a regular verb, where the verb conjugation for hij/zij and jij are the same (stem + t). On the other hand, "Heben" is an irregular verb, so the conjugation for hij/zij is different from jij. "Zijn" is also an irregular verb.

In the Tips & Notes section of the "Present" lesson (with picture of man running), they explain all the conjugations of regular verbs.


I am using the mobile version and I can't seem to find the Tips & Notes... However it is good to know that there are irregular verbs in dutch as well. Bedankt:)


Is there any indication that this calls for U or Jullie as opposed to Je/Jij when looking at the English sentence and translating it to Dutch? Because I don't see why "je/jij hebt water" wouldn't work here


You cannot tell from this sentence, Je/jij hebt water, Jullie hebben water. and U heeft water. are all valid translations. BTW u is only capitalised when referring to a deity (and when the sentence starts with u).


What i have learnt in dutch this should be:'U heeft' and not 'u hebt'.


Plasma991, thanks for that. I think we must have arrived at these exercises through different means because I haven't yet seen these verbs in their conjugation.


When do I use hebben/heeft/hebt?


I didn't have the option to choose je, jij, or jullie - only U was available. But i haven't learned U yet. So it was very confusing?

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