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Hindi literature

Hi everyone, I was just scrolling through the discussions and I found that many people need reading material for hindi. There is good news for all the hindi learners. NCERT is an Indian government body( I guess... I have never dug deep into it) which makes books for schools and their books are standard and are referred everytime. Their books are available for free on https://ncert.nic.in/textbook.php just enter the grade you want to see(start from 1st if you are a beginner) and select subject as hindi and you will find the books. They are free so that everyone can access them. If you want to buy NCERT books then they are very VERY cheap. So guys refer to these books the stories are very interesting they even have some grammer stuff and questions after each chapter. Try to answer them, write the answers in hindi and check them from the official solution( just search NCERT solutions you will find tons of them). HAPPY LEARNING!!!

August 23, 2020



Thank you! This is so helpful!


Thank you so much for the link!


thank you so much it is very helpful


Great suggestion. Also, if you want more, you can also start with the Class 6 Durva book which is at the same level as the Class 1 Rimjhim book because its meant for kids learning Hindi as a second or third language.

Also, try googling the chapter names if you have questions or trouble understanding something. Most of them have youtube videos with read-alongs, discussions and answers to the questions at the back.


Terrific idea. You deserve another lingot.


i know but i couldn't get my lingot back :(


Subhaan allah! Gracias

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