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  5. "De boeken zijn licht."

"De boeken zijn licht."

Translation:The books are light.

August 16, 2014



In the Tips it states that the plural always gets the ''e''. Given books is plural why is licht the correct answer?


That only applies to adjectives that come before the noun. So e.g. De lichte boeken. Predicate adjectives never get the -e ending.

Predicate adjectives are adjectives that follow a linking verb like “to be” that describe the subject, e.g. De boeken zijn licht.

See full explanation here. Some examples:

Het woorden:

  • de lichte boeken - de boeken zijn licht
  • lichte boeken - boeken zijn licht
  • het lichte boek - het boek is licht
  • een licht boek - een boek is licht

De woorden:

  • de lichte mannen - de mannen zijn licht
  • lichte mannen - mannen zijn licht
  • de lichte man - de man is licht
  • een lichte man - een man is licht


Ah, that's where I misunderstood. Thanks much for the explanation!


Could this also be "easy"? (such as "leicht" in German)


No, easy is 'makkelijk' in Dutch.


How interesting. In Swedish lätt (licht)=easy; light and svår(zwaar)=difficult. But in Dutch it's the opposite with licht(lätt)=light and zwaar(svår)=difficult; heavy.


Dutch doesn't have different words for luminous and of low weight. They both are "licht".


Shouldn't "lightweight" also be a valid translation for "licht"?


then it would be something like "licht van gewicht" "light weighted/light of weight"


My problem as well, sounds like a valid English translation for it!


"lichtgewicht" (lightweight) is relative. You can choose a lightweight book from the class of square meter books, but that doesn't mean you can easily carry it around. All square meter books are heavy, this is just a lightweight among them.

"Licht" (light) is absolute: You might be carrying the heaviest 5cm miniature, but 5cm miniatures aren't that heavy a load.


Is it always "de" before a plural? Because the singular is "het boek" isn't it?


Plurals are always de


If the books are light, they aren't very good ones. Everyone knows the best books are the ones with at least 500 pages


Sure, but I have The Lord of the Ring single volume in lightweight paper.


Could this also mean that they are "light reading" as in not too demanding?


There's no concept of "light reading" in Dutch.

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