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"An toil leat marag-dhubh? Cha toil."

Translation:Do you like black pudding? No.

August 24, 2020



The only acceptable replies to that question would be "Cha toil" and "Is toil"?


Why is "Tha toil" wrong in the same sentence, except that 'aran milis' is used instead of 'marag-dubh'?


tha toil with the meaning of liking something isn’t a correct phrase anywhere. If it’s accepted it’s because Duolingo treats typos too liberally and decides that tha is close enough to cha – which in Gaelic are completely different words (they are two entirely different forms of two entirely different verbs!¹). Unfortunately nothing Gaelic course volunteers can do about – the software just accepts one letter difference and doesn’t even warn about it.

¹ tha is positive form of the bi verb, cha(n) is the negative form of the copula is (and also the general negative particle); only the copula is is used in the phrase is toil le X…, cha toil le X…, an toil le X…? for X likes / does not like… and does X like…?.


I'm just now reading your very helpful reply, (the email notification was buried in my Inbox). Thank you!! Even though I did figure that out later, your explanation is a good lesson,and much appreciated.

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