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Te+infinitive turned golden too easily

I had passed the te+infinite with the placement test. Today its strength had gone down to one bar so I decided to strengthen it. The first sentence was to translate "He never dares to" but instead I wrote "Hij durft het niet". Silly mistake for not paying attention so I pressed the quit button. Then there was another to translate from English to Dutch and I forgot to put the verb in plural. So I pressed the quit button. And, voilà, the skill had turned golden. Seems like a bug, maybe, although I did get both the infinitives right...

August 16, 2014



I think it would be better to post this in 'troubleshooting' so the staff can see it better. Our team can't fix things like this :)


Thanks, changed that.

[deactivated user]

    well, i know someone else who had trouble with that. yes it is a bug, and it is a very big mistake in the program. i am sure Duolingo is fixing it right away

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