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Students getting Sexual ads! Please help!

My middle school students are getting sexual ads in their duolingo apps. They have used their age (15 and under) on the profile. They do not have inappropriate search history. I have added them to my classroom and they still get sexual ads when doing their assignment.

Please help! I can't report the ads because I don't have their phones. They are in Korea if that makes a difference.

I can't believe that an app that advertises "classrooms" and material for schools would allow this to happen!

August 25, 2020



I'll report this on the Duolingo Educator's network for you. Are you saying that the ads are on the right-hand side of the screen?


Suggest they install an adblocker that works for apps as well, like Blokada.


It doesn't block the ads


It does block them. Make sure you install the original version, instead of the Play Store version that has reduced functionality.

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