"Tha Aonghas gu dòigheil."

Translation:Angus is really well.

August 25, 2020

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I genuinely cannot hear that as Aonghas. I'm hearing something more like Lewis.


Why isn't "very well" acceptable?


Before, DL was saying that "Math" meant both well and good, but now it's saying that "Dòigheil" is well, Do both mean well or has DL just made a mistake?


math is the general word for good (but note that there also is prefixing deagh with the same meaning, eg. latha math and deagh latha for a good day).

dòigheil generally means comfortable, well-off, appropriate, fine, nice, decent, fully satisfied…, that’s why it’s translated as really well and not just well (as gu math would be) here.

Perhaps Angus is safe and comfortable or Angus is fully satisfied or Angus is well-off would be better at conveying the intended meaning depending on context (and less literal, so less Duolingy ;-)).


"Gu dòigheil" is defined as "really well" and "decent". But how does one say "Angus is decent" if "tha Aonghas gu dòigheil" is wrong?


Shocking pronunciation. He sounds as though he has done really well with a bottle of whisky!!!

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